The need for sustainable, scalable approaches to powering our society presents the most pressing technological challenge of our day. We are a mission-driven, interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers dedicated to contributing to this goal by developing new synthetic capabilities and fabrication methods for photovoltaic materials and devices. In order to drive dramatic reduction in the cost of solar cell manufacturing, we employ semiconducting and metallic nanocrystal colloids as building-blocks for the active components. This liquid starting-material can be rapidly and inexpensively processed like an ink to form a solid. Critical gains in the efficiency of the devices are anticipated through nanostructuring and the unique electronic properties of nanoscale materials.

The power conversion efficiency of any active material is intimately tied to the process by which it is fabricated. In light of this, we pursue a closed cycle of process development, measurement of fundamental spectroscopic and charge-carrier behavior and process refinement. Ultimately, we strive to both deepen our understanding and optimize the performance of these nanocrystal materials. Click the link below to read more about our research projects.

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Video: Introducing our CBE Faculty: Prof. Aaaron Fafarman"