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Chemical & Biological Engineering
Graduate Student Association

Welcome to Drexel University Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association (CBEGSA)!

As a graduate student organization, we are aware of the instrumental roles played by graduate students in modern research institutions. And we also understand that those roles can only be sustained by having an environment that is conducive to research and learning activities. It is thus the responsibility of Drexel's CBEGSA, to facilitate the realization of that environment.

CBEGSA sponsors graduate-student-initiated social events, discussions, and seminars that promote interactions between graduate students, staff, faculty, and other visiting researchers. These interactions will ultimately define the research direction and working atmosphere here, at Drexel Universitys Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

To incoming and current graduate students: we hope that you will join us in making the graduate experience a positive influence in the accomplishments of future Drexel engineers and scientists.

See you at the next CBEGSA event!

Please contact the President of CBEGSA,
Harsh Sharma,
at hps24@drexel.edu
or at (215) 895-5826





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