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MS Program Requirements

General Graduate Policies of the University

Policies and requirements listed on this page apply in addition to general University graduate policies and requirements. Please consult the Office of Graduate Studies website for a complete listing of University graduate policies and requirements.


All MS students are required to complete 45 credits of graduate coursework and/or research.
These are grouped as follows:
  1. 15 credits of Core Chemical Engineering Graduate Courses:
    1. CHE 502 Mathematical Methods
    2. CHE 513 Thermodynamics
    3. CHE 525 Transport Phenomena I
    4. CHE 543 Kinetics and Catalysis I
    5. CHE 554 Process Systems Engineering
  2. 15 credits of Graduate Concentration Electives;
  3. 15 credits of either
    1. Non-thesis coursework, which is comprised of
      1. A block of 9 credits comprised of further Graduate Concentration Electives, which may include Graduate Independent Study (CHE 799), and
      2. 6 credits of Graduate Free Electives.
    2. Master’s Thesis Research, which is comprised of
    3. i. 9 credits of Master’s Thesis Research (CHE 898), and ii. 6 credits of coursework which may include Graduate Independent Study (CHE 799) and/or Graduate Free Electives.

Registration for both Master’s Thesis Research (CHE 898) and Graduate Independent Study (CHE 799) require approval of the student’s faculty research advisor.

Graduate Concentration Electives: It is the student’s responsibility to create a concentration sequence that matches his/her scientific/technical interests, complements his/her research (if pursuing a thesis), and conforms to an overall intellectual, scientific, or technical theme.

Graduate Free Electives: GFE Courses are generally unrestricted, and may include up to a maximum of 9 credits of Graduate Independent Study (CHE 799), provided the student has a faculty advisor willing to sponsor a CHE 799 research project.

             Click Here for the CHE 799 fillable pdf form

Graduate Co-op: COOP 501 (graduate co-op) can satisfy up to six credits of non-core MS coursework, including concentration and/or free electives.

Thesis vs. Non-Thesis Master’s in the MS Program

MS students have to option to pursue a traditional Thesis Master’s or a Non-Thesis Master’s. The additional requirements of a Thesis Master’s are the completion and oral defense of a Master’s Thesis under the direction of a research advisor.

Graduation Requirements

Per University policy, an MS candidate must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 to qualify for graduation. In addition, the Department requires a GPA of 3.0 across all graduate CHE courses and, specifically, in the core graduate CHE courses.

Stipend and Tuition Remission

MS students in CBE are generally not paid a stipend, nor is tuition remitted.

Apply online: drexel.edu/apply (Graduate Admissions, College of Engineering)


Professor Vibha Kalra
Graduate Admissions Advisor
Office: CAT 479
(215) 895-2233

Professor Kenneth Lau
Graduate Program Advisor
Office: CAT 278
(215) 895-6049

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