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  • Rahul Pai Receives the 2017 CBE Outstanding Master’s Student Achievement Award (more)

  • Research from Kalra Lab Featured on Several Tech News Sites (more)

  • Spinning a Safer Electrode - Drexel Researchers Make a Carbon Nanofiber Supercapacitor (Without The Flammable Ingredients) (more)

  • Silas Simotwo and Caitlin Dillard Receive 2016 CBE Awards (more)

  • Silas Simotwo Awarded William A. Casey Memorial Scholarship (more)

  • Caitlin Dillard Wins 1st Place for the ECS Open Access Week Competition (more)

  • Prof. Kalra Interviewed on NPR's Tech Show (more)

  • Prof. Kalra Edits Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion" (more)

  • Kalra Lab in the News (more)


Welcome to the Nanofibers for Energy Storage and Conversion Laboratory at Drexel University. We combine experiments and simulations to study structure-property performance correlation in nanofiber-based novel materials for energy storage and conversion devices including fuel cells, super-capacitors, batteries and solar cells.

To this end, we have two primary research thrusts in our group. We seek to understand the science of equilibrium and non-equilibrium material assembly under external fields such as extensional flow and nano-confinement using both experiments and computational modeling and simulations. In addition, we seek to develop unique design strategies to achieve material architectures that provide novel combinations of functionalities and simultaneous transport of multiple species with the aim to develop efficient energy storage and conversion devices such as supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells.

Video: "Introducing our CBE Faculty: Prof. Vibha Kalra"

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