Rahul Pai Receives the 2017 CBE Outstanding Master’s Student Achievement Award

Research from Kalra Lab Featured on Several Tech News Sites

Spinning a Safer Electrode - Drexel Researchers Make a Carbon Nanofiber Supercapacitor (Without The Flammable Ingredients)

Silas Simotwo and Caitlin Dillard Receive 2016 CBE Awards

Silas Simotwo Awarded William A. Casey Memorial Scholarship

Caitlin Dillard Wins 1st Place for the ECS Open Access Week Competition

Prof. Kalra Interviewed on NPR's Tech Show

Prof. Kalra Edits Special Issue on "Recent Advances in Energy Storage and Conversion"

Kalra Lab in the News

Q+A with Prof. Kalra on Samsung's Battery Recall

Publication by Daniel Lawrence and Prof. Kalra featured in Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Caitlin Dillard Receives 2016 ECS Student Travel Award

Richa Singhal Awarded William A. Casey Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Kalra Receives NSF Award To Study Conjugated Block Copolymers

Drs. Kalra And Lau Receive NSF Grant To Study Electrodes For Supercapacitors

Richa Singhal Receives 2015 ECS Student Travel Award

Prof. Kalra Receives the AICHE DVS Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award

Prof. Kalra received the College of Engineering's Outstanding Research Award for Assistant Professor

Prof. Kalra Receives 2014 CBE Outstanding Research Award

Dr. Chau Tran joins Oak Ridge National Lab as Post doctoral Associate

Chau Tran defended his Ph.D thesis entitled " Fabrication of Porous Carbon Nanofibers with Adjustable Pore Sizes and Their Composites as Electrodes for Supercapacitors"

Chau Tran Awarded Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award at Drexel Commencement

Richa Singhal Awarded George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

Caitlin Dillard Awarded Koerner Family Fellowship

Chau Tran Awarded William A. Casey Memorial Scholarship

Prof. Kalra accepts Associate Editor position in Chemical Engineering Science journal

Prof. Kalra Awarded ONR Summer Faculty Fellowship

Caitlin Dillard Awarded Koerner Family Fellowship

Kalra Lab Publishes on Supercapacitors

New Publication: Congratulations Chau Once Again!!

New Publication: Congratulations Chau!!

Dr. Kalra Awarded NSF CAREER Award

Alda Kapllani Starts her Second Research Co-op in Kalra Lab

Nataliia Mozhzhukhina Successfully Defends her MS Thesis

STAR Students from Kalra Lab Present Research Posters

Dr. Kalra Receives NSF Funding on Lithium-Air Batteries

Prof. Kalra Organizes Energy for Sustainability Symposium

Kalra and Coworkers Publish in Soft Matter

Dr. Vibha Kalra Awarded PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center Grant

Alda Kapllani to Join Kalra Lab as an Undergraduate Co-op Student in Fall 2011

Prof. Kalra Receives NSF Funding

Alice HU, a Freshman CBE student Joins Kalra Lab as a STAR Scholar

Prof. Kalra Receives Faculty Career Development Award