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Welcome to the Materials Center of Excellence Website

The Materials Center of Excellence is an extensive research collaboration between Drexel University's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Army Research Laboratory's Weapons and Materials Research Directorate. The primary goal of the partnership is to perform fundamental materials research in polymer materials that will enable lightweight vehicle protection.

Current Projects

  • Encapsulated Nano- and Meso- fiber mesh composite
  • Plasma Surface Modification
  • Employing Block Copolymers in Segmented PU
  • Hyperbranched Polymers for Segmented PU
  • Nanostructured Self-healing Materials
  • Transport-mechanical Property Relationships in Ionic Nanoporous Graft Copolymers
  • Fuel Cell Performance of Ionically Conducting Structural Polymers
  • Reactive Encapsulation of Ionic Liquids
  • Molecular Simulation of High-strain-rate Deformation of Highly Cross-linked Polymer Nanocomposites