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2008-2009 Winter Seminar Series
Fridays 10am
Location: Lebow, Hill Conference Room
(for all dates except 2/13/09 and 3/13/09, which will be in Disque 103)

January 16


Erik Ydstie
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Process Control


January 23


Christopher Ober
Professor, Cornell University

Polymer brushes as responsive materials for
the biology-material interface


February 13


Andrew Rappe
Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Switchable nanocatalysts: using ferroelectric oxides to control surface catalysis


February 20


Darrin Pochan
Professor, University of Delaware

Toroids, Helices, Gels and Beyond: Materials and Nanostructures through Peptide or
Charged Block Copolymer Self-Assembly


February 27


Stacey Bent
Professor, Stanford University

Forming catalysts by atomic layer deposition: from thin films to nanoparticles


March 6


Masoud Soroush
Professor, Drexel University

Broader applications of process
system engineering


March 13


Eric Wetzel
Chief (A), Multifunctional Materials Branch, Army Research Laboratory

Structural Composite Capacitors, Supercapacitors, and Batteries


Seminar Series organized by Kenneth Lau

Past Seminars

2008-2009 - Fall
2007-2008 - Fall, Winter/Spring
2006-2007 - Fall, Spring
2005-2006 - Fall, Winter, Spring
2004-2005 - Fall
2003-2004 - Fall, Winter, Spring

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