Lab News

  • Dr. Soroush invited to give an AIChE-Division plenary talk on Model-Predictive Safety Systems at 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting (more)

  • PhD Graduates Ready to Bring Research Skills to Intel (more)

  • Breakthrough in Polymer Membranes for the Removal of CO2 from Gas Streams (more)

  • Dr. Soroush and Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi's Abstract Selected for the TED-Sep Oral Presentation Session Sponsored by the Separations Division at 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting (more)

  • Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi Receives 2017 CoE Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award (more)

  • Ahmad Arabi Shamsabadi Receives Joseph Carleone Endowed Award (more)

  • Dr. Soroush Receives 2016 CBE Outstanding Research Award (more)

  • Graduate Student Awards (more)



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