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Undergraduate: B.S. Degree Program

Your Guidelines to Graduation

  • 64.5 credits of Foundation Requirements - Link to the Catalog Page
  • 17 credits of Liberal Studies Requirements - Link to the Catalog Page
  • Undergraduate Engineering Elective - pick from one of the following:
         BIO 214 - Principles of Cell Biology
         CHEM 230 - Quantitative Analysis
         ENVS 260 - Environmental Science and Society I
         MATH 221 - Discrete Mathematics
         PHYS 202 - Fundamentals of Physics IV
  • 60 credits of Core Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Courses
  • 8 credits of Organic Chemistry I and II - CHEM 241 & CHEM 242.
  • 8 credits of Physical Chemistry and Applications - CHEC 352 & CHEC 353
  • 14 credits of Undergraduate Concentration Electives - ChE Concentration Elective Explanation
  • 15 credits of Undergraduate General Education Electives - ChE General Education Elective Explanation
  • 3 credits of Undergraduate Free Elective Credits

To Graduate with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, you need to meet all of the following four requirements:

  • 192.5 credits
  • 2.0 GPA overall
  • 2.0 GPA in Core Chemical Engineering courses
  • Passing grade in all courses in Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Curriculum

For a detailed plan of study, see the following:

Information for Transfer Students

To learn about additional undergraduate programs, please visit the following links:

General Facts

  • In order to graduate, all students must pass three writing-intensive courses after their freshman year. The department core curriculum incorporates these three writing-intensive courses in CHE 332, CHE 333 and CHE 334
  • Students enrolled in the program will receive a degree in Chemical Engineering. There is no biological engineering degree through the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department.
  • The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department does not offer courses for students interested in the Adult Education program, which includes evening and weekend courses. All courses are offered strictly during the day.
  • The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department does not offer a minor in chemical engineering.
  • Registering for a class while on co-op - Students can take up to four free credits of class while on co-op, but cannot add the course to their schedule themselves. If a student wants to take two courses on co-op they must first send written consent from the employer to the academic advisor. They then must send a written acknowledgement to the academic advisor stating they are aware of the tuition increase and billing implications.

    Click here to request registration to a class while on co-op: Form will automatically download. Open the pdf form file in adobe acrobat, fill out the form fields, and click on the appropriate Submit button at the top of the form. Doing so will automatically send your completed form to your co-op coordinator.

Important Notes on Electives and Transfer Credits

BEFORE registering for any General Education courses or free electives, students should consult the Electives section (http://www.drexel.edu/coe/resources/current_undergrad/electives/) on the College of Engineering website.

BEFORE registering for any course outside Drexel for which you plan
to transfer credit into the university, please refer to transfer policies
and complete the Transfer Credit Authorization form.

You must obtain pre-approval for the course or you will not receive credit for it.

Undergraduate Contact:

Katie Brumbelow
Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Office: CAT 287
(215) 895-2239

3141 Chestnut Street   ·   Philadelphia, PA 19104   ·   215·895·2227 / 5837 (Fax)   ·   Directions  ·   Contact CBE
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