January 2019
Dr. Fafarman Receives NSF-CAREER Award

Oct 2018
Congratulations to Shawn Mengel for being one of 15 Chemical Engineering undergraduates selected for the Future Leaders in Chemical Engineering National Award Symposium hosted by North Carolina State University!

Sept 5, 2018
Subham Dastidar successfully defends his thesis. Congrats Dr. Dastidar!

July 23, 2018
Andrew's paper describing low-voltage EPD of CZTS is published in Langmuir: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b00787

July 2018
Our News & Views piece on Edward Sargent's paper on perovskite doping is out in Nature Energy. Check it out!

May 30, 2018
Andrew Dillon successfully defends his thesis. Congrats Dr. Dillon!

April 18, 2018
Dr. Fafarman receives the 2018 Outstanding Faculty Award from the Delaware Valley Section of AIChE

April 11, 2018
Valerie Neimann Receives Fulbright Award
Valerie Neimann Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award

March 30, 2018
A paper describing our collaboration with the Wrenn group on a new concept in ultrasound contrast agents for cardiac imaging was published in Applied Acoustics: 10.1016/j.apacoust.2018.03.028

February 5, 2018
Dr. Wrenn Receives Coulter-Drexel Translational Research Funding

February 2, 2018
Dr. Fafarman Receives CoE Outstanding Early-Career Research Achievement Award

January 2018
Paper published in the journal Thin Solid Films entitled "Solution Processed CuSbS2 Films for Solar Cell Applications"

November 17, 2017
CBE Grad Student Wins AIChE Award

September 15, 2017
Drs. Baxter and Fafarman Awarded NSF Grant

March 2017
Paper published in J. Electrochem. Soc. entitled "Electrophoretic Deposition of Two-Dimensional Titanium Carbide (MXene) Thick Films"

Paper published in the journal ACS Energy Lett. entitled "Slow Electron–Hole Recombination in Lead Iodide Perovskites Does Not Require a Molecular Dipole"

Paper published in the journal Materials Research Letters entitled "Conductive Solution Processed Spincast 2D Ti2CTx (MXene) Films"

January 5, 2017
Subham Dastidar Receives 2016 CBE Outstanding PhD Student Achievement Award

December 12, 2016
Graduate Student Awards

November 2016
Paper published in the journal Chemical Engineering Science entitled "Thin Films of Copper Indium Selenide Fabricated with High Atom Economy by Electrophoretic Deposition of Nanocrystals under Flow"

October 3, 2016
Dr. Farfarman Collaborates on Coulter-Drexel Translational Research Grant

August 3, 2016
Dr. Fafarman's Research Featured in Solar Novus Today

May 2, 2016
Paper published in the journal Nanoletters entitled: "High Chloride Doping Levels Stabilize the Perovskite Phase of Cesium Lead Iodide"

April 9, 2016
Paper published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials entitled: "Highly Conductive Optical Quality Solution-Processed Films of 2D Titanium Carbide"

March 9, 2016:
Andrew Dillon Receives College of Engineering Award

Sept 1, 2015
Fafarman Lab awarded NSF grant to titled: Low-Voltage, Low-Waste Fabrication of Inorganic Semiconducting Thin Films by Electrophoretic Deposition Under Flow
with co-PI Jason Baxter

April 7, 2015
Andrew Dillon receives Koerner Family Award

January 2015
Paper published in the journal ACS Nano entitled "Ultrafast Electron Trapping in Ligand-Exchanged Quantum Dot Assemblies"

August 2014
Paper published in the journal Nano Lett. entitled "Gate-Induced Carrier Delocalization in Quantum Dot Field Effect Transistors"

January 31, 2014:
Air-Stable, Nanostructured Electronic and Plasmonic Materials from Solution-Processable, Silver Nanocrystal Building Blocks
Published in ACS Nano:

January 6, 2014:
Subham Dastidar and Andrew Dillon join the Nanocrystal Solar Lab!

September 13, 2013:
Prof. Fafarman's manuscript titled "Solution-Based Stoichiometric Control over Charge Transport in Nanocrystalline CdSe Devices" was just accepted at ACS Nano.

September 1, 2013:
Dr. Fafarman joins the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Drexel University.